About Queensential

After years of purchasing various textures, colors and types of extensions, I wasn't satisfied with the consistency of the quality of the hair I was buying. I wanted a single brand that I could depend on for my luxury styles and image.

My passion led me down a path that gave me the ability to help other women reach their beauty goals and I could not be more thankful.

 Welcome, Queen. 

Our Name Change

Yes, Queensential was Elite Hair Collection. We loved our name and our clients did too. We even received a major media mention and celebrity feature under the name Elite Hair Collection, but unfortunately, another hair company was using the name and we decided to cut the confusion and regroup under a new brand name. We worked long and hard to find a name that resonated with our products as well as our customers. We maintain a standard of high quality and would be proud to extend our products to royalty around the world. Our products are essential for queens. Welcome to Queensential.